Jochen Rößler

Senior Frontend & UX Expert

With tech and empathy I help companies to shape products and processes that center around humans.

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Core principles

This is what defines my work


I live for the creative spark. To cultivate creativity in digital product development, I foster an open and collaborative environment, empowering team members to share unconventional ideas.


I strive for flow. Recognizing the importance of flow in products and product development alike, I emphasize clear communication and collaboration for seamless work. I prioritize reducing complexity wherever possible.


With over a decade of experience in frontend development and user experience design, I have earned a deep understanding of crafting digital interfaces. My expertise lies in bridging the gap between designers and developers.

Brands & Clients

Some of the brands and clients with whom I have successfully worked with are

EnBW Frankfurter Allgemeine Mercedes Benz Mont Blanc Müller Medien razorfish Scholz & Volkmer Syzygy Virtual Identity

Roles & Projects

Here are some examples of my roles and projects

Product owner

in a distributed, international Scrum team building a B2B platform that simplifies online marketing for small and medium business owners.

UX Consultant

Evaluation of suitable reactive frameworks, setup of a design system and supporting the UX team through prototyping for a digital asset management application.

Lead Frontend

Bootstrapping a cloud based single page application with a task force team. Handover to inhouse team after training and golive.

Design Systems

Setup and implementation of design systems as part of various agile development teams.

Data visualization

Concept, design and implementation of rich longform editorial formats and data visualizations for a news website.

Tools for Editorial

Concept, implementation and introduction of editorial tools to enable faster content creation in a newsroom.

Campaigns, Corporate Websites, E-Commerce

Implementation of corporate websites, web applications and campaigns for customers such as adidas, Freixenet, Electronic Arts, EnBW, Mercedes-Benz, Montblanc. Lead front end in a big corporate website relaunch.


Outside of work I also highly value different forms of creative outlet and flow experiences. I love the sound of my felted upright piano, I experiment with patterns of order and chaos with different mediums like acrylic on canvas, photography and pen plot. Feel free to browse some of my artwork. I need to be surrounded by nature, be it hiking or mountainbiking.